Motorola Olympus photo shoot

Well the story on this leak doesn’t seem very likely, but considering that the tipster who snapped these shots had to enter the bootloader in order to power the device on, it’s possible that this Motorola Olympus really did find its way to a flea market after some Moto employee thought it bricked. Yes? No? Whatever the turn of events that got it into the hands of Gizmodo’s tipster (probably something as mundane as the tipster being the leaking Moto employee), it’s nice to see some clear shots.

A previous photo leak purported to be the Olympus (that could have been the VZW-boundEtna) was a blurry snap of a powered-down device, making Gizmodo’s Olympus gallery our best look at either of the gadgets to date.

Olympus is thought to be rocking a Tegra 2 processor clocked at 2GHz; not a dual-core processor, as suspected in the past. The Android 2.2 handset is expected to launch in January.

Via Gizmodo

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