New Amazon Web Services SDKs available for Android

In order for Android developers to integrate Amazon’s cloud services into their apps before now, it took a lot of tinkering and the creation of their own libraries for connection purposes. Starting today, Amazon will be offering a helping hand in the release of mobile software development kits that “make it easier for software developers to call an AWS web service API directly from a mobile application.” Services now easily available to developers include:

“Storage—Store and retrieve data using Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3).

Database—Add a highly available, scalable, and flexible non-relational data store using Amazon SimpleDB with little or no administrative burden.

Messaging—Integrate reliable, highly scalable mobile-to-mobile communication into applications using Amazon Simple Queue Service (Amazon SQS), and Amazon Simple Notifications Service (Amazon SNS).”

Some Amazon provided examples of apps using the SDKs:

“A media application that uploads photos, videos, and more to Amazon S3 for world-wide distribution through Amazon CloudFront.

A social game that shares moves, high scores, and other data between devices using Amazon SimpleDB.

A messaging client that broadcasts messages between devices using Amazon SQS and Amazon SNS, without requiring any additional server infrastructure.”

As you can see, there’s a lot that can be done by utilizing Amazon Web Services. For more information on the SDKs, visit Amazon’s dedicated page AWS page.

Via Amazon, by way of Android Community

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