New Android Market gets themed

Some users will just never be happy with everything “stock,” and for that, we thank them. The newest version of the Android Market has been floating around in .apk and update form for awhile now, sometimes working, sometimes not (If you want learn more on how to get it going on your device, then read up on this XDA thread). If you have gotten it to work, whether by update or .apk, and you’re still not satisfied there is hope for you yet.

Over at XDA, three forum members have taken it upon themselves to theme the new market in red, blue, and black. Installation shouldn’t be too hard if you’re good at following directions, but thanks to lines like these, we have to rank this mod moderate – advanced user:

“Make sure if you have a market installed in system/app that the v in vending is capitalized or this will not delete your old market. Also If you have been silently updated the market will be in data/app/ Com.somthinggoogle market. Not sure exactly what it says. Also check data/data. Delete anything in data/app or data/data that is google market. Do not delete market updater though you can freeze that with titanium backup premium. If you had trouble installing and then figured it out please post the steps you took.

Do I even need to say were not responsible for your phone? I love that disclaimer!”

If you are still ready to try it out, head on over to XDA and see what all the fuss is about. Sample pictures can be found below.

Via DroidLife