New Motorola Cliq 2 pictures leaked

If one of your must have features on your next device included a hard QWERTY keyboard that looked eerily similar to a honeycomb (no relation to the software) or turtle shell, then wait not longer. CellPhone signal has obtained and leaked some exclusive pictures of the Cliq 2, or Begonia, and it certainly makes for an interesting looking handset. As far back as September, rumors were floating around that the the device would come with “interesting” keyboard design. The proof is in the pictures:

While usability doesn’t look like it will be crippled by the new design, this definitely isn’t one of Motorola’s DROID devices. Should the Cliq 2 with MotoBLUR float your boat, hopefully when more specs get out, they’ll be there to support your case. For now, we know the device will come with a “5MP camera with LED flash, Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR, aGPS, WiFi b/g/n, possibly wifi calling too and a new version of MotoBlur with new widgets.” Look for more info on the Cliq 2 at CES.

Via CellPhone signal by way of TMoNews