Nexus S comes complete with no Gorilla Glass

It seems odd that the entirety of Samsung’s Galaxy S line comes complete with an extra durable, scratch resistant Gorilla Glass screen, but the Nexus S doesn’t. Unfortunately, that’s the fact of the matter. This weekend, @Samsungservice was asked by @Corning, who was asked by someone else, if the Nexus S has a Gorilla Glass screen. The answer?

“@Corning I have confirmed that the Nexus S is not Gorilla Glass. ^Sabrina”

The reason for the omission hasn’t been officially discussed, but there’s a good chance it has something to do with that curved display the device is sporting. It’s not like any device really needs it, it’s just comforting when it’s there. So Nexus S owners, how’s your screen holding up?

Via GeekWord

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