Notion Ink could unveil the Adam as soon as tomorrow

In a recent post from Notion Ink on their blog (which is usually only updated on Saturdays), we are presented with quite the perplexing teaser. The title of the post is 1.61803399, or the golden ratio – Something that Notion Ink has used in reference to the Adam before. The only content in the piece is the picture found below, a delicious looking tablet with a piece of red velvet draped over it. So what does it mean? All signs point to the Adam being officially unveiled, and pre-orders becoming available, as soon as tomorrow.

With even the most expensive version of the Adam running you around 500, and with six variants total to choose from, we should be able to expect the tablet to sell considerably well. As with all products, only time will tell. Considering that it’s already what the US would call tomorrow in some parts of the world (it’s December 9th in India), we may just get lucky and see pre-order go live tonight. I wouldn’t bet on it, but if it happens we’ll be sure to let you know. What say you, Adam Tablet: Yes or no?

Via Into Mobile