Orkut implements free internal advertising with Promote

Google’s social network, Orkut, seemingly languished in obscurity with nary an update for…ever. But Google has been gearing up for a big push with Orkut by implementing new friend groups and their handy new “let’s-go-viral” internal sharing system, Promotions (both demonstrated in the videos below).

Orkut still shows plenty of room for technical improvement, as I’m presently seeing overlapping text in Firefox and a blank home page in Chrome (after a profile flicker). This is my first visit in months, and I suddenly remember why I chose to stay away. The Orkut site looks fine in Safari though, and I can clearly make out how small my friends list is. Browser-specific bugs aside, Orkut has an image problem: people just don’t take it seriously, if they know about it at all.

Perhaps Orkut will be bolstered by–or integrated with–Google’s buzzed coming social solution, heretofore referred to as Google Me, Google +1, and “The Emerald Sea.” So far, all we have are rumors and they indicate that the system will implement a band across the bottom of the browser and a sign-in the reaches across all Google properties for easy sharing, quick communication, and possibly a tie-in with your Google public profile. Would you be interested in such a system? Answer the poll at the bottom of this post and leave a comment.

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