Peter Chou visits Mobile World Live

We can’t embed the video in this post, but you can watch an interview with HTC’s CEO, Peter Chou over at the GSMA’s Mobile World Live. That is, if you din’t mind a free sign up and email confirmation link. In case you don’t feel like registering, here are the high points of the conversation.

Peter discussed how the fourth largest smartphone manufacturer in the world is focusing on unique design and user experience while avoiding naming the companies he sees as HTCs nearest competitors, but all of this was foreplay to the meat of the conversation, which focused on LTE and NFC. Chou said HTC is working on an LTE device for next year (Merge?), and though he sees US carriers leading the way with LTE, it will be deployed worldwide in 2011, possibly during the second half of the year. Chou also said that HTC will support NFC and that he views secure wireless payments as a trend of the future.

Via Android Central

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