Samsung Galaxy S to receive Gingerbread after all?

At least one Samsung rep is responding to yesterday’s confusion regarding the bump of Sammy’s Galaxy S phones to Android version 2.3. It’s just a tweet, casually sent through Samsung Mobile India’s Twitter account, but it’s something:

As Dustin pointed out yesterday, it only stands to reason that the already released Galaxy S devices (Vibrant, Fascinate, etc.), like the Nexus S, should see the latest version of the Android operating system. Inside, all are essentially the same device. But maintaining a Gingerbread exclusive for a period of time with the Nexus S does seem a likely tactic for encouraging holiday sales of the hot new Google phone. Let’s just hope the exclusive, if there is one, is short lived.

We’re still waiting on a polished official statement, but anything other than confirmation seems highly unlikely.

Via Unwired View

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