Samsung’s Turkish Android Market looks slick

Everyone here at DroidDog lives in the States, so we miss out on some of the devices and software features that our friends around the world experience regularly. So I was pleasantly surprised this morning when I stumbled across some screenshots of Samsung’s dark-themed Turkish Android Market over at FriendFeed:

Image via Taj Muhammad

The OP was showing off the then-new Turkish CNN app when he snapped those screenies one month ago. There’s nothing really new here, but I hadn’t seen this customized Android Market until now, so perhaps a few of you would like to see it as well. Here are some of the areas I was able to access:

As you can see, it’s not quite as feature-rich as the Android Market we all know and love (I’d love it more with a wish list function), but it’s difficult to argue against Samsung’s simple organization and quick access layout, which places buttons at the bottom for Home, Applications, Games, Videos, and Wallpapers. Diving within one of those areas provides Most Recent, Most Popular, and Categories tabs. Most of all, I just dig that theme.

You can download this app for yourself at, though it’s slow with limited functionality in the States. I was unable to view any applications on my EVO 4G, but the app works.

Are Android fans in other countries using this version of the Market as well?

Via Taj Muhammad