Sony PlayStation’s Zeus Z1 benchmarked

Considering that Sony has been in the business of videogames for a long time with their PlayStation brand of devices and services, you have to figure they know what they’re doing building a phone around them. As you may well already know, the PlayStation Phone, or Zeus Z1 as the prototype is being referred to, is an Android phone, with a slide out controller – not keyboard. As far as benchmarks go, this thing should outshine the rest. Rumors have been floating around for awhile now that Sony’s PlayStation Portable 2 will offer graphics processing power similar to the PlayStation 3. Will the Zeus Z1 get in on that action? For now, it seems that answer is no.

Engadget has their hands on some video footage showing the Zeus being benchmarked via NeoCore and the final numbers appear to come in around 24.4. The same test on a Nexus S came in at around 55.6, more than double the numbers. Of course Sony still have time to tweak things and optimize software, but I’m doubting the numbers are going to get much higher. What do you think, would you sacrifice power for a built in controller, or would you rather get ahold of a WiiMote and tether it up the old fashioned way?

Via Engadget

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