Sprint technicians flashing Epics with Froyo back to Eclair?

As of right now, this is still to be filed under unconfirmed, but if it’s true then Sprint may have some problems on their hands. According to AndroidGuys, Sprint is unofficially telling employees that if they come across Epic 4Gs in need of repair that have a leaked Froyo 2.2 build installed, to flash Eclair 2.1.

I understand most carrier’s position on hacking your Android device and installing custom firmware, but risking the loss of data and possibly bricking a device without a owners knowledge seems pretty far out there. Before the angry hoard ascends, I must reiterate: This is unconfirmed. There’s no documents on it, and no details from anyone who has experienced the downgrade. If there is, we urge you to come forward with your tale and share exactly what’s going. As I said earlier, if this is true it’s going to cause a lot of trouble. Hackers, you’ve been warned.

Via AndroidGuys

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