Swype goes micro to save space, EVOs now error free

When all things are taken into consideration, and some Android devices are stuck with around 200MB internal storage, one virtual keyboard taking up 10MB can be a pain. Thankfully, Swype recognizes that and has a solution. Available now through the Swype Beta Installer, is a new “micro” version of the keyboard that comes with a lot less language support, but weighs in at only 2.5MB. Most of us in the US don’t need more than English and Spanish, so this new build comes as a welcome change. The original Swype will still be available, so don’t worry if you still need the language support.

In other Swype related news, some Evo users may be experiencing problems with Swype beta after installing the firmware update 3.70.651.1, which comes with Swype. In order to alleviate any problems, just uninstall the beta version and you’re good to go.

Via AndroidCentral