T-Mobile reaffirms plans for 4G, tablets, and Android at CES

Not more than a couple weeks ago, T-Mobile sent out a press release to help remind everyone where they are headed in the immediate future. On December 10th, the company said that they’d be working heavily on two things: more 4G, and tablets. Of course, the OS said tablets will run wasn’t mentioned, but I assume Android is a safe bet.

Fast forward to today, to an interview with T-Mobile’s Senior Director of Engineering, Mark McDiarmid. The topic of today is what T-Mobile plans to show at CES, and you guessed it, it involves 4G and tablets. Fortunately for you though, there’s more. According to Mobilized, T-Mobile plans on outlining their plans on HSPA+42, the next generation in HSPA+. Theoretically, HSPA+42 will be capable of double the speed T-Mobile’s current HSPA+ network runs. Right now, T-Mobile’s 4G devices reach a max average of around 5mbps down, and peaks of around 12mbps. Double that would definitely be impressive.

So we talked 4G, what about Android and tablets? Hopefully this one liner can quench your thirst, and if not, CES is only 13 days away:

“T-Mobile is big on Android, big on faster 4G speeds and big on 4G devices including tablets.”

Via TmoNews

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