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Are you the default tech agent for your family by virtue of your overall savviness and curious nature? Do you get sick of those 5 hour phone calls that start out with you helping your mom set up an email account but finish with a list of serial numbers, support pages, and software upgrades? Well, this post may not help if you’re in that deep, but a group of Googlers has set up a resource for learning about some of the other tasks that we carelessly manage and take for granted, and it might be of assistance to the tech-challenged in your family. It’s called TeachParentsTech.org, and it offers simple, friendly, step-by-step instructions for completing those tasks that seem ridiculously simple until you try to walk a grandfather who’s never touched a computer through them.

But the website isn’t meant to be accessed by your tech illiterate friends and family who don’t know the difference between “the blue ‘e’” and the Internet. No, it’s there for you, and offers a simple interface for quickly sending a “Tech Support Care Package” to those in need. The package includes how-to videos that you add to the bunch simply by checking a box. Check out the website here, and see the sample videos below:

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