“Exploding DROID” was already broken says Motorola employee

Remember that sensational story about a guy whose DROID allegedly exploded and cut his ear? Yes, the one that was passed on to a television news show almost immediately after it happened. A Motorola employee is now saying that the device was most likely dropped, breaking the glass, before Aron Embry put the gadget to his ear and got cut up:

The only things that could explode in a phone would have resulted in a phone that did not work, yet this phone worked. And there was no explosive damage to the device (things inside blown outward, etc).

Perhaps the loud “pop” sound that Aron described hearing before pulling the bloodied phone from his face was generated by breaking skin or cartilage. Motorola has yet to make any sort of statement establishing this suggested turn of events as their official position.

Via Gearlog