Tonino Lamborghini Evoluzione

If you are an auto enthusiast that loves portable tech, Tonino Lamborghini’s Evoluzione might be up your alley. Then again, if performance is your thing, maybe not. This $600 phone runs Android 2.1 with the possibility of an update to 2.2 but is powered by a measly 600MHz processor and features a 3.2″ HVGA dispaly (320 X 480). There is a 5MP camera on board and the visual impact is…well, remarkable. But if you’re looking for a beefier gadget that addresses your auto and mobile passions, check out the Acer Liquid Ferrari Special Edition. It’s a year old but packs a 1GHz processor and has been updated since its 1.6 release. Hackers are still bringing the latest and greatest software to the line, for those so inclined.

The Tonino Lamborghini Evoluzione launches in Q1 in Singapore

Via CNET Asia by way of Engadget