Touiteur’s name change almost complete

Level Up Studio is one developer who is well known for quite a few polished apps that have become a staple in the Android Market. The company’s biggest claim to fame is their widget suite known as Beautiful Widgets, followed closely by a Twitter client known as Touiteur… at least for now. You see sometime not too long ago, Level Up Studio was sent a request from Twitter to change the name of their app. According to Twitter, the name Touiteur was simply an alternative spelling of Twitter, and Level Up needed to do something about it.

Well they have, in the form of a poll (now closed) on a new name. There was some really great names that made the list, “Griffon,” “Chirpeur,” Storque,” but one name has come out on top and is under review: Plume. It’s very simple, it means feather in French (or you know, in English), and it’s a lot easier to spell. There’s been no official announcement quite yet, but it shouldn’t be long now.

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m already becoming attached to Plume. You can check out the full list of names that could have been voted on here. What’s your favorite?

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