2 devices pass through FCC: Creative ZiiO 10 and Pantech P8000

Two Android devices have made their way though the FCC today, one probably looking slightly more recognizable than the other.

The Creative ZiiO 10 isn’t exactly new, but it is the the US. Creative UK has already had the device out and about for awhile now, but with an appearance through the FCC, it just may be bound for US shores after all. The inspection includes just about everything you’d want to know about the device except how much it’s going to cost – external photos, internal photos, and user manuals. Unless the Creative ZiiO 10 is priced well under $300-$400, I wouldn’t expect this thing to take off. Especially with the competition that will be surrounding it.

The Pantech P8000 is the next device to head through the FCC recently, which according to a Bluetooth SIG, is a “Pantech Android Smart Phone.” Other than the fact that it contains a camera on the back (ya don’t say?!) and AT&T necessary GSM/EDGE 850/1900 and WCDMA 850/1900 bands, not much else is known. If things go like have in the past, an appearance with the FCC means we’ll see more info soon.

Via ChrunchGear, PhoneScoop

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