Use Gingerbread keyboard on any 2.2 rooted device

Like many other elements of the UI, the Android keyboard has been given the sexy makeover treatment with Android 2.3, Gingerbread. And although we got a good look at it in the Android 2.3 User’s Guide and in Alberto’s Gingerbread emulator video, I’ve still been itching to try it out for myself. Lucky for me, Droid-Life has posted the apk and easy-peasy instructions.

This is for 2.2 rooted devices only, and, as always, back up your stuff and partake at your own risk. The virtual keyboard comes as a .zip file for flashing as you would a cooked ROM, only it takes much less time. Here are the instructions from Droid-Life.

1. Download .zip file HERE (This is the new fixed version.)
2. Place on root of SD Card and boot into Recovery.
3. Install .zip as you would themes etc.
4. Reboot and select “Android Keyboard” under Input Method and you are good to go.

Here it is, running quite well on my rooted EVO 4G:

Now I’m just waiting for a more complete Gingerbread ROM for my EVO.

Via Droid-Life.

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