Video: Notion Ink Adam demo

Notion Ink is taking Android tablets in a new direction with their custom user experience, dubbed Eden. Not only have they implemented some aesthetic UI tweaks, but they’ve changed the way users access and switch between apps. Much like the Mac’s Spaces or the animated multiple desktops in Compiz for Linux, open applications can be swiped left or right for selection. Three can remain on the homescreen at once, but a cover flow-esque overview gives access to dozens of programs. The launcher appears as a ribbon that can be pulled on and pushed off of the home screen.

The first tablet to feature Eden is Notion Ink’s Adam, a 10″1 tablet powered by a dual-core cortex A9 processor, 1GB RAM, and a 3.2MP camera. Adam pre-orders began on December 9th.

Via Slash Gear

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