Welcome to the new DroidDog!

Some of you may have caught DroidDog during some behind-the-scenes tinkering last night and received the following “come back later” message:

And if you’re checking out the site right now, chances are you’ve noticed at least some of the more obvious visual differences, like the rearrangement of our top links and logo:



But there’s more at work here than a couple of color and graphic tweaks: DroidDog has been rebuilt in a major way and evidence of the new direction can be found throughout the site. Site search results are more accurate and specific, social sharing is cooler, and we’ve positioned content from your favorite categories on the home page to make it easier for you to find exactly what you want. These are but a couple of items from a long list of improvements.

DroidDog is now simpler to manage for PhoneDog’s hardworking and talented IT staff, which results in a better experience for all of you. We’re still ironing out a few wrinkles and considering features, so more, subtler changes will follow. We hope you like the new DroidDog, and all of us at PhoneDog appreciate your continued support, without which, these upgrades could not occur.

I would also like to personally thank everyone with PhoneDog who made this happen.

Carry on.