Social content Android app: MemeReactor

MemeReactor is an Android-specific application for discovering and submitting content. A user submits a link, image, or text, and other people vote on that submission, determining how many more people it will be shown to. Think Digg or Reddit, minus the commenting and following. MemeReactor may be a bit closer to StumbleUpon in that very little emphasis is placed on the importance of individual members. In MR, content is king. MemeReactor’s own introduction panels do a pretty good job of explaining the concept, so I’ll let them do the talking for a bit here:

Like most other apps and sites of this kind, the user can specify topics of interest. Subreactors catering to particular content subjects are listed as “coming up next” over at the MemeReactor blog, and should provide a taste of that SubReddit experience. Until then, users chose from a series of very general “Reactor Zones.”

Where MemeReactor really outperforms the competition (in theory) is in delivery. The app offers a preference pane where a slider determines how often the user will be sent new items. Even at the highest setting, I have yet to be “sent” anything, so I’m not sure how the notification system works. Perhaps this is inaccurate wording that indicates how frequently the app will check for new posts you’ll have several hours between notifications–at least at the current level of participation. While waiting, I browse recent submissions, my own submissions, and the hot items from the last 30 or 7 days.

Tapping an item in any of these lists can be quirky. If a URL is displayed, it can be hard to tap the submission title (in order to read a description) as opposed to the URL in the body. A little careful tapping makes the app fun and functional though, and the interface is great overall. Rather, it’s pleasing to the eyes. Twitter integration (atuo-submission with the #mr tag) make this lightweight little app a potential heavyweight in the mobile social media game, though there is certainly room for growth. What MemeReactor needs more than anything at the moment is an audience.

Download MemeReactor by scanning the QR Code above or by clicking this link.

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