Android powered cat feeder cooked up at home

This one has been floating around on the ‘net for a couple of months but it hasn’t received much of the serious attention it deserves. It’s an Android powered automated cat feeder that can also be manually triggered from an Android device, anywhere with a data connection. When the feeder is activated, wo is a webcam for observation. Cute novelty, right? Not quite. Damon Kohler actually created some of the elements used to construct the gadget with his own 3D printer. Talking about starting from scratch. You can follow Damon’s process and even grab the python code that makes the magic happen over at his blog. Schematics for the circuits and scetch-ups for the 3D printed elements can be found at ThingVerse.

When Damon’s post originally went up last November, he was controlling the system with an HTC Magic.


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