Apple’s looking for a fight with the bulky and the bizarre

In a recent earnings call with acting COO of Apple Tim Cook, a lot more than Apple’s incredibly massive profits were discussed. Among talks of a 26.74 billion dollar quarter, were also talks of the iPad and its competitors – the bulky and the bizarre.

According to Cook, Windows tablets come off as heavy and expensive, and Android tablets come off as bizarre, like a “scaled-up smartphone.” Of course Cook along with Apple feels they have the right to talk like that for now, with numbers like 7.3 million iPads sold in December, but they do realize what’s on the horizon. Cook admits that his analysis of Android tablets is related to what manufactures are providing today, not the “vaporware” that will be shipping in the future – Vaporware like the Motorla Xoom and LG G-Slate. When it comes to those devices, Apple still thinks their “first-mover advantage” will keep them ahead for the long run. Unfortunately for them, we’ve seen how long it takes the green guy to catch up, and it isn’t long.

With the release of the iPad 2 looming, HP’s newest webOS devices starting to leak their way onto the web, and multiple manufacturers looking to jump into the Honeycomb race, things haven’t even begun to heat up. We’ll be sure to keep an eye on the market situation when things start to get serious this summer. Until then, check out the full quote from the call below.

Q: What about iPad competitors?

TC: There’s not much out there as you know. There are two kinds of groups today (in the market) — the ones using a Windows-based operating system. They’re big, heavy and expensive. Weak battery life. Need keyboard or stylus. From our point of view, customers aren’t interested in that.

Then you have the Android tablets. The variety shipping today, the OS wasn’t designed for a tablet — but Google said this. So you wind up having the size of a tablet that’s less than reasonable. Or one that’s not even a real tablet experience. It’s a “scaled-up smartphone” – that’s a bizarre product in our view. Those are what is shipping today. If you do a side-by-side with an iPad, some enormous percentage are going to pick the iPad. We have no concern there.

In terms of next generation. There’s nothing shipping yet. So I don’t know. “Today they’re vapor.” However, we’re not sitting still. We have a huge first-mover advantage. And a huge user advantage from iTunes to the App Store. Huge number of apps and an ecosystem. We’re very confident entering into a fight with anyone.

Via TechCrunch

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