Apps getting zapped from the Android Market

The elimination of apps and software publishers who violate Google’s TOS from the Android Market is nothing new, but what’s being reported this morning might indicate that something out of the ordinary is going on. Programmers are posting in the Android help forum today (1, 2, 3), looking for answers about why all of their apps, some of which were bestsellers, have been nixed from the Market. Their posts are being met with agreement and it appears this could be happening to a lot of people today.

Perhaps Google is simply cracking down on lesser offenders or has discovered violations that were previously overlooked. Whatever the case, it looks like the Market cops are on the lookout for developers who might not be playing by the rules. Then again, perhaps this can all be blamed on a glitch, which will be rapidly fixed, resulting in the return of the disappearing apps.

Via Phandroid

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