Bad news: Booty Symphony stinks

A lot of Android sites are reporting today on a new app by T-Pain’s Nappy Boy Entertainment called Booty Symphony, but very few have been dumb enough had the courage to spend $2.99 on the app for a couple of screenshots and some personal experience with the software. But DroidDog is different, folks; we are dumb enough do have the courage.

So what is this Booty Symphony all about? It starts with tapping booties (no pun intended) in order to download sound boards. Once that’s done, you’re given a grid of booties to activate, which then work, grind and clap, each contributing a sample from what I guess are T-Pain songs. Drop in a shaker here, pull out a bass line there. That part is pretty standard stuff. You know the drill. But tilting the phone triggers Auto-Tuned vocals preaching on topics as diverse as rear ends, butt cheeks, booties, and bottoms. At least that’s what the tilt movement did for me. Animated tip boxes alert you to available functions. For instance, shaking the phone records your “symphony” for future tormenting of people with taste. Videos can be uploaded to YouTube as well:

Despite the cool novelty of being able to add your own butt-quakin’ video (see my face standing in for my booty in the video above), and the sillines of a different booty shake for each element of the track, this fairly polished app falls short, even, I suspect, for T-Pain fans. The beats are not properly synchronized. And it isn’t just because I didn’t trigger the segments at the beginning of a measure. Grouped tracked aren’t even the same tempo half the time. That alone means this app isn’t worth $2.99 in my book. It’s a silly novelty good for fewer laughs than the “I am T-Pain” Auto-Tuning app. Unless you’re a T-Pain collector (seriously?) pass this one up.

(10 seconds later…)

“Refund of Booty Symphony was unsuccessful.”