Bejeweled 2 launching this week

As far back as early November, PopCap Games’ development director, Sameer Baroova, was quoted as saying “I am delighted to confirm that we are working on bringing both Peggle and Plants vs Zombies to Android in early 2011.″ Well it’s early 2011 already, and while Plants VS Zombies and Peggle are still a ways away, a different PopCap game – the ever popular Bejeweled 2 – is almost here.

The latest news out of PopCap points towards an imminent release for Bejeweled 2 (sometime this week), a Q2 release for PvZ/Peggle and the possible inclusion of Facebook Connect across all games.

In a recent interview with androidnews, Cathy Orr of PopCap has laid out part of the reason it’s taken so long to get the developers most popular titles ready for Android:

We at PopCap tend not to directly “port” our games to new devices. Instead, we adapt them to each appropriate new device or platform, customizing the controls, graphics and other elements as much as possible to optimize the experience.

Rebuilding their games for each individual platform they’re distributed on will make for a much more enjoyable experience in the long run. Not everyone has done this with Android, so it’ll certainly be a refreshing experience once we finally get to go hands on. We will be sure to keep an eye out for when Bejeweled 2 is ready for release later this week.

Via Android Guys

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