CES: ASUS announces three distinct Android tablets

Well, we all knew that CES would be bearing some sweet Android tablets, but ASUS’ offerings are of the category bending variety, resting somewhere between tablets and netbooks. The first–the Eee Pad MeMo–looks like a giant phone. Not much is known about the device except that it comes with a stylus–whether the tech is capitative or resistive, we know not–and Phandroid is reporting a 1GHz processor.

Video by Phandroid:

The next two tablets are designed for use with a hardware QWERTY. One–the EeePad Transformer–snaps into a keyboard panel and brags a 16 hour battery life. The other–the Eee Pad Slider–has it’s own built-in keyboard that, you guessed it, slides. Both devices feature 10.1″ IPS displays at 12800 X 800, NVIDIA Tegra 2 CPUs, front and rear cams, Android 3.0 (that’s what ASUS referred to as Honeycomb at the unveiling), and the MyWave UI.

Via Phandroid, Android and Me


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