CES: NVIDIA press conference round-up

NVIDIA just finished up their press conference for CES and boy was it a doozy. Be sure to keep an eye out for a more in depth analysis of everything NVIDIA went over, but for now here’s a quick summary.

NVIDIA started off the conference by bringing out LG’s people and showing off the Optimus 2X – The world’s first dual-core processing superphone. A big part of NVIDIA’s future involves mobile computing and the implementation of their Tegra processor found inside the 2X, so it’s no surprise it was brought up so quickly. Demos for the 2X (which by the way showed an AT&T symbol on the lock screen) were short as the software appeared to be a little buggy, and there was just about no bandwidth to be had. What we did see was surely impressive. Console level gaming, 1080p video, Angry Birds on a giant HD TV… the works.

The rest of NVIDIA’s time spent on stage was related to upcoming products and failed demos. What would have been shown had things been in working order, would most likely have been amazing: Skype HD for Android. The original plan was to showcase Skype HD on an Android tablet, but due to bandwidth problems, the demo was called off. Unfortunately, we’re now left with little more information than the fact that Skype HD exists. I’m sure we’ll know more anytime now.

NVIDIA’s last and biggest announcement was tied to their fabled Project Denver. It turns out NVIDIA is going to be churning out a fully customized ARM based processor for use in all forms of computing. Considering the current state of technology and the incorporation of x86, there’s no doubt this is going to a game changer.

Look for more information on all things NVIDIA shortly.

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