CES Video: Motorola Atrix with webtop demo

People have been saying it for some time now: cell phones are like little computers that fit in your pocket. And they are, but Moto’s Atrix goes a step further and really does function like your old desktop box…kind of. Drop it in a dock for keyboard and mouse connectivity with HDMI-out for HDTV viewing. Or, snap it into a custom laptop housing, with display, trackpad and keyboard, and have the phone do all the work. Oh, and when using the laptop kit, its battery charges the phone. How cool is that.

In either case, Atrix uses an application called webtop to deliver a desktop experience based on a resizable (up to full screen) Android window and a full desktop version of Firefox. You can even unplug from the dock, pop into the laptop, and pick up where you left off. Amazing.

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