CyanogenMod Rage Comic for Vibrant owners

It’s not polite to complain about free stuff, especially when that free stuff comes from a group of programmers and hackers who have worked hard to deliver the latest and greatest software to all of our phones. Not to mention that the software often includes fixes and features that the OEMs who built those phones may never get around to publishing. And while I am thoroughly appreciative of the work Cyanogen et al have done to make the world of Android a more exciting, stable, and cutting edge environment, I sympathize with the creator of this rage comic. The Vibrant seems to be cursed to update neglect, and that curse encompasses the CyanogenMod list of downloads as well. Hopefully not for long. (No ETAs)

There has been a great deal of controversy regarding claims that Samsung was “holding updates hostage” as part of a scheme to devalue existing phones while hyping those around the corner. Samsung has responded, saying these claims are false, adding that “We hope to have more detail on status shortly. Promise!”

Via Reddit

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