DROID X2, DROID 3, and DROID Incredible 2 under development

Droid-Life is reporting today that the DROID line of phones–including DROID, DROID 2, and the DROID Incredible–will receive a refresh this year and that the gadgets are already showing up in internal documents that detail Big Red’s plans for 2011. Seeing that Kellen has always been spot-on with any information that might be in the hands of a Verizon retail manager, it’s probably safe to hold the sodium when considering this leak.

The source doesn’t necessarily expect these phones to see 4G LTE service (no word on if data connectivity info was leaked), and doesn’t have any bullet points from a spec sheet, but he does say that these gadgets “could be out sooner than you may be imagining.” Rather than dropping secret dates, the Droid-Life post lists last year’s launch windows for the last generation releases as potential launch windows for their 2011 successors:

DROID Incredible 2 – April/May
DROID X2 – July
DROID 3 – August

DL also indicates that at least one of these devices may offer a “vanilla” or “Pure Google” experience, rather than Motorola’s custom UI, Motoblur.

A post update indicating that Motorola would be unlocking bootloaders on future devices turned out to be incorrect, as one of Moto’s Get Satisfaction threads that requested the feature was improperly flagged (or perhaps, prematurely) as “implemented”.

Via Droid-Life

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