FCC clears Samsung GT-i9023

The Ice Cream Sandwich fork mystery deepens with an FCC filing for Samsung’s GT-i9023. A video from German site BestBoyz (embedded above) shows a Nexus S’ about screen, which reveals the device is running Android 2.4 and has a baseband version starting with “i9023.” This is very close to the original Nexus S model number, GT-i9020. It seems reasonable to deduce that the phone in the FCC filing is the same phone as seen in the video. The filing shows that the device runs on T-Mobile’s 3G, but what new features might this gadget have that the original Nexus S lacked? HSPA+? Is AndroidSpin’s post about Samsung’s update shenanigans (in which Samsung is accused of withholding updates for existing phones in favor of pushing new devices with the latest software) accurate? I don’t think they wouldn’t release a new Nexus S simply because it ships with Android 2.4, so what are we missing?

Whatever the case, more and more, it seems like that CES shot of Sony Ericsson’s Arc running 2.4 was not a glitch or misconfiguration, as the OEM claimed after the leak.

Via Engadget

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