First CyanogenMod Theme Chooser theme lands in the Market

Just last week, I spent some time going over CyanogenMod’s new T-Mobile Theme Chooser in our weekly segment, Root Reviews. Since doing the review, a lot has changed; There are more effects for each theme, more things are colored, and most importantly, themes are starting to flow into the Market.

Launched just a short time ago, Kmobs of TeamDouche fame has posted a grey-scale theme on the Android Market known as Greybread. As the app’s description says, “This was the first theme on the market for CM7.” The theme is still to be considered a work in progress, but so far everything works great. Once the theme is downloaded (for $0.99), it will only appear in the Theme Chooser app, and works just like every other theme does. If you want to check out the app and the newest theme, you must have a CyanogenMod7 nightly build installed from at least 1/22.

Whether or not Greybread will eventually appear in the Theme Chooser app by default has yet to be seen, but we’ll be sure to keep an eye on it.

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