Flattr brings micropayments to Android

Do you like supporting your favorite content providers on the web? Do you ever click one of those “buy me a coffee” Paypal links that app developers, bands, painters, and writers often feature on their blogs? Those are great right? But if you know a lot of people that you like to support but don’t have the cash, it’s way too easy to just blow them off and withdrawal from contributing altogether. After all, it feels a bit strange taking the time to sign into Paypal and type in $0.03.

Swedish company Flattr solves this problem by allowing members to place a user-defined flat rate in their account each month, click as many Flattr donate buttons as they want, and have their funds equally divided and distributed amongst the owners of those sites. Flattr is a combination of the words flatter and flat rate. Pretty cool, right? Well now, Flattr is available for Android, taking the whole concept mobile. Before long, you might see Flattr labeled QR codes slapped on the front of an acoustic guitar, or on a sign in front of a street performer.

Want to know where you can find sites using Flattr? Search this list.

Via Engadget Mobile

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