Google changes its strategy on mobile apps, native apps come first

New CEO, new strategy. Larry Page may not officially take charge of Google until April but the company is already making some pretty big changes in direction. According to the Wall Street Journal, Google will start focusing more on native apps for mobile instead of HTML5-based web apps. Will we finally see a native Google Docs app? We can only dream. The way it has been until now is that Google develops some of the best in class HTML5 mobile apps without focusing a lot on its native ones. It’s understandable that Google wants to push the boundaries on HTML5 and the web as an app platform, but we’re not quite there yet. Mobile native apps usually perform better and have more features than their web counterparts.

The WSJ also says Google is hiring developers all over the world to help build these applications. Not only for Google-branded apps like Docs, but also for games and location based apps. Might we see the next Angry Birds come from Google? Supposedly, Google also wants to keep the teams developing these apps small and semi-autonomous like small startups inside the company. That certainly lines up with Larry Page’s strategy of keeping the company lean and mean.