Google Music sync coming with Android 2.4

While I still think the creation of an Android fork could be confusing for consumers and a harbinger of further fragmentation in the world of Android devices, there is one aspect of Android 2.4 that I would love to see on hot new phones like Samsung’s Nexus S, ASAP, regardless of version conventions: Google Music Sync. We’ve been hearing hints about Google’s upcoming music features and service for months and months, but today marks the first indication of pending implementation. We also apparently have more proof of an Android 2.4 release for mobile phones.

GizmoFusion posted the image above today, reportedly from a 2.4 ROM. Among the pre-existing Google account options is one for synching music. A commenter at the site also claims to have seen the option in his Sapphire-2.0.0-Droid ROM. Put the option to synch and stream music from a computer with a phone alongside Android’s new music player, and the 2.4 update looks pretty significant indeed.

Via Engadget

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