Google wrangling support for digital newsstand

With tablets on the verge of of critical mass and consumers looking for better ways to digest text while mobile, Google is looking to get in on the magazine and newspaper delivery game with publishers like Time, Condé Nast and the Hearst Corporation. The Wall Street Journal reported yesterday that negotiations are still in the early stages as details regarding Google’s potential profit share figures (which would presumably undercut Apple’s 30%) are as vague as any kind of timetable.

One of the key issues at play is the willingness of Google to share customer information. Publishers are seeking an opt-out solution as they don’t feel consumers are likely to opt in to an agreement that would release their names, email addresses, and other personal information to publishers for their own marketing purposes.

Apple, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble have all established relationships with major publishing companies in order to deliver magazines and newspapers to their readers in a format specific to their devices.

Via Download Squad