Hexxeh’s “Luigi” to deprecate current Cr-48 BIOS hacks

If you’re one of those techies that just can’t stop tinkering and you happen to have one of Google’s Chrome OS-powered Cr-48 netbooks on hand, you might be interested in an involved tutorial over at The Chrome Source that will ready your ChromeBook for Windows 7 and even OS X. But it is involved; the list of steps includes cracking open the casing and installing Ubuntu on the way to another OS–hardly efficient.

Thankfully, Hexxeh–the master behind the popular Flow and soon-to-be-released Lime flavors of Chrome OS, made for easy installs and USB booting–is developing a firmware toolkit called Luigi that will flash your Cr-48 into hacking territory and back to stock again in case you want to resume Google’s official updates. Once flashed, the process of installing other operating systems becomes much simpler, eliminating Ubuntu as in intermediary. You still need to pop open your Cr-48 but some time will definitely be saved with this software. Read all about it over at Hexxeh’s blog and check the video below.

Via The Chrome Source

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