Honeycomb minimum requirements leaked?

According to an article up on PCMag right now, Bobby Cha, managing director of the Korean based company Enspert, has information on the minimum requirements for Honeycomb to run on a device.

Mr. Cha says that while screen size will not be a factor in deciding if a device can run Honeycomb–adding that screens are “going to go as small as 7 inch”–resolution and processor will be a factor: A 1,280×720 screen resolution “may” be necessary, and a dual-core ARM Cortex-A9 must be inside. Information like this has certainly been wrong before, but is this is true, there’s going to be some really unhappy early adopters out there.

With the current situation in the market, the only device rumored to hit CES with Honeycomb is the Motorola tablet being called the XOOM. Other than that, there’s only a handful of tablets we already know about that would be eligible for the upgrade. Devices like the Samsung Galaxy Tab would be left in the dust, along with all currently available Android phones.

There is still hope though. In Andy Rubin’s recent time on stage at D:Dive, right around the 1 hour 20 minute mark in the video found here, you’ll notice Josh Topolsky from Engadget ask a question on Android’s future Android UI innovations. After a little run around, Rubin essentially says that the Honeycomb UI will come to phones. Whether or not it will actually be Honeycomb, or a more optimized version to come out at a later date, remains to be seen.

Via PCMag

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