How to: Samsung Vibrant update available now through Kies Mini

Exactly what is going on with the update to 2.2 for the Vibrant is still a little cloudy, but according to an internal memo and several users from the official T-Mobile forums, the update is now readily available via Samsung’s own Kies Mini.

There are advantages to using Kies: reliability, speed – And there are disadvantages: you must be at a computer to use, and that computer must be a Windows machine. The internal memo scored by TmoNews says Mac support is in development, but if you’ve waited this long, you’re probably already phoning a buddy for a little borrowed assistance.

Judging from the lightning quick response to the information, not many people are even aware of Kies existence. If you’d like to grab the program, head to this link. When everything is downloaded and installed, make sure to check the option that makes it so when plugging in your Vibrant via USB, it will use Kies software (Settings>Applications>USB settings). Once you are connected and your device is recognized, you should be able to upgrade firmware and be good to go.

For more information and help with any problems, visit the T-Mobile official forums.

Via TmoNews

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