HTC Scribe to be shown at MWC

The rumor factory that is Digitimes has churned out something rather believable today, this time on the ever mysterious HTC Scribe. According to components manufacturers, HTC is believed to display their 7″ dual-core tablet at Mobile World Congress, February 14-17. Earlier rumors pegged CES as the venue for the Scribe’s release, but as of right now those rumors aren’t looking good.

The extra month between CES and MWC may not seem like a long time to wait, but if HTC really gives Motorola and their XOOM that much of a lead, HTC may have some serious catching up to do. With nearly identical rumored specs, sales numbers are going to depend on availability and accessibility more than anything else. While HTC has long been a player in the first-to-market strategy game, it looks like this time they may be falling behind.

Stay tuned to DroidDog as we’ll be sure to keep ours eyes peeled for any appearance of HTC’s first Android tablet from now until MWC.

Via Digitimes by way of BGR

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