Kongregate Arcade hits the Android Market

When Game Stop acquired Kongregate roughly six months ago, there was good reason to believe the gaming giant was looking to become more active in the online entertainment market. After all, Kongregate is essentially an online Flash portal designed around community involvement. Well today we finally get to take a good look at where Game Stop is looking to take the business, with the release of Kongregate Arcade for Android.

Kongregate Arcade is more or less an app hub that plays host to somewhere near 300 Flash games – Some are available for instant play, while others require a quick download. The app still gives you access to your Kongregate community account, and also allows you to search or browse for games based on certain filters easily applied from the menu.

Until recently, gaming on Android has been one of the platforms weakest points. With the combination of well established mobile gaming developers looking to release more titles on Android and companies like Game Stop looking to bring the power of Kongregate on board, thing’s are certainly starting to look up.

To grab Kongregate Arcade for Android, search Kongregate in the Market now. You must have Flash installed on your device in order to use the arcade.

Via All Things D

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