Kongregate Arcade yanked from Android Market

Google doesn’t like Android apps that exist primarily to facilitate the download of other apps, and for good reason: those other apps can’t be checked and tracked for malicious code. Not to mention the creators of the host app could change download sources and target apps at any given time. There are many other legitimate reasons to pull an app from the Android Market, but this was apparently the terms violation invoked in withdrawing Kongregate Arcade from the Android Market.

The app was just launched yesterday and saw a massive response from the Android gaming community, tens of thousands of downloads clocking in within a single day. Ironically, that popularity may have been the app’s undoing, as it brought attention from Google, who has since removed the game catalog from the Market.

This doesn’t appear to be based on some small technicality. The app was pulled for a Market terms violation that is fundamental to the functionality of the program. Let’s hope the folks at Kongregate find a workaround and get their code back up on Google’s servers, because the product is clearly a hit with consumers.

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