Kongregate back for good this time?

Just as quickly as Game Stop’s Flash-based gaming portal Kongregate took the Android Market by storm, it was yanked from it’s position, fate left unknown. In a nutshell, Google didn’t like how much the app mimicked another app store. That would have been a completely valid reason if true – yes technically some games would be downloaded and stored via SD for smoother processing, but it looks like Google was just flexing muscle more than actually stopping something malicious.

Well since its time down, Kongregate has been tweaked and changed and is now available again in the Android Market. Gone is the SD card storage from the previous build, and in its place is a system utilizing browser cache for bigger games.

There’s no telling how long this is going to last, but it looks like Kongregate is making an effort to play by Google’s rules. Hopefully, should any more problems arise they’ll be able to continue to work it out.

Via Engadget

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