LG V900 goes through FCC, most likely T-Mobile’s G-Slate

We haven’t heard much of anything about T-Mobile’s upcoming LG Slate yet, outside of a rumored late March/early April launch and perhaps even 3D glasses. T-Mobile and LG announced the Honeycomb-rockin’ 4G tablet at CES in Vegas, immediately posting a series of teaser videos that showed off Android 3.0, rather than the G-Slate itself. We still don’t have an official release window, price point, specs, images, renders, or even a size, but we can deduce that the gadget recently took one step closer to resting in your hands: FCC clearance.

Unwired View caught the FCC filings for a V-900 tablet that appears to line up with the coming G-Slate in terms of mobile connectivity, branding, and timing. The application was approved on January 9th, so it appears that the device is right on track to fulfill the TMoNews leak regarding release date and perhaps to compete with Motorola’s Xoom.

Via Unwired View

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