Look of Disapproval now available

Are you looking for a fun and free way to tell the people around you that you simply do not approve of their behavior? Has opening your mouth to speak become too tiring? Not in the mood to write a short note or shoot off an email? It’s time for you to download the free app from the Android Market, Look of Disapproval. This Jon-Carlos Rivera program displays the official international symbol of disapproval in 37 languages (not really) in a black on white or white on black font. Tapping the menu keys allows you to toggle color and the eye-rolling “Look Up” mode. Here’s the best part: the eyeballs move based on your device’s accelerometer, so the program isn’t just displaying a static image. That would be boring. Googley eyes are fun.

If you’re looking for a way to kill off a few gloomy day cubicle minutes, go download this add-supported app right now and hold it up over you co-worker Dave’s head while you stand behind him, point at his face, stick your tongue out all sideways and wonky, and give your buddies a quick vacation from whatever it is they do there. The app also provides the perfect response to my Booty Symphony post.

It’s a shame. What turned out a mediocre musical app could have been the best fart app in any app store.