MKB Reviews: Time & Date Contrast Live Wallpaper

There are plenty of homescreen widgets and applications that can give you a large, visually appealing view of the time/date. There are things like Beautiful Widgets and others that take up widget space but give a simple, good looking view of this same information. This is a live wallpaper, however, so it takes up no icon space and still gets everything right!

This live wallpaper is extremely simple. The simplicity is probably what makes it so catchy in the end, but I like that about it and I think you will too. It is installed and applied just like any other market live wallpaper.

Because there are two versions [free and $0.99] I’m covering the paid version in this post but you can check out the free version which has the ability to change colors and turn on and off 3D rotation. The paid version has a ton of features that allow you to really make this your own:


This would be pretty pointless without color changing ability, so the developer has of course given you the ability to change the top and bottom colors of the live wallpaper. This is a super-simple effect but it can give your device a while new feel.  I can see a lot of people using this to match up with their notification bar in the ROM they’re using or a theme they have applied to their phone. Choose your colors wisely, though – if they’re too similar, contrast might not be high enough and you won’t be able to see much. The paid version of this app allows you to automatically take the color of your notification bar’s battery indicator and set it as the bottom color. Very handy!


The height of the ‘contrast line’ can only be changed in the paid version; going into this customization option brings up a simple slider that allows you to drag up and down for how high or low you want the text to appear. The paid version also allows you to have the live wallpaper automatically change the contrast line height based on battery level!

This can add a really cool effect if you’ve matched your lower half color with your battery color.


Both apps [free and paid] have the option to enable or disable 3-Dimensional scrolling for swiping between homescreens. This can be seen in the left-most screenshot above. It give is a pretty cool 3D effect that doesn’t actually seem to slow down older-generation devices from my experience. You can turn off this feature for top-notch smooth scrolling but if you’re using an alternative homescreen replacement that’s already relatively smooth you shouldn’t find this a problem. I think it looks really good!

Fonts, etc

The paid version also allows you to change the font of the clock and date, as well as the separator between the Month|Day|Year on the bottom half. The paid version also actually comes with 7 preloaced fonts that you can choose from and the option to add more in the future by creating a fonts folder on your SD card.


There are of course some options missing in these early stages, like the ability to turn on 24-hour clock mode and other things. However a lot of these features I’ve shown you in this post are unique to this application. The developer also lists a few quickly upoming features in the description of the paid version in  the Android market, so you may want to grab this ASAP. If the current list of features wasn’t enough to get you to give it a try, here are a few of the possible upcoming added features to enhance customization and really let you make it your own:

  • Changing Time/Date Format
  • Changing Size of Time/Date Font
  • Custom Text
  • More upcoming features!

UPDATE: Recently added features: Changing Date/Time format and size!

    You can check out the free version in the Android Market by scanning the QR code below:

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