MKB Reviews: VidTrim

VidTrim is a simple video editing application for Android that doesn’t require a beast of a processor or a high resolution screen. It allows you to do simple cutting and trimming that solves the problem of shaky beginnings and endings of videos where you’re fumblig for the camera button.

Coming in ata hefty $0.98 for the ‘Pro’ versoin [that drops ad support] you’re looking at a fairly robust feature set, including:

- Trimming video clips right on your device
- Trimming original clips (overwrite)
- Save as a new clip
- Play video clips
- Delete video clips

This essentially means you have the ability to either save your freshly edited video as a completely new clip. If you’re short on space you can take advantage of the other option, which is to overwrite the original video clip with the appripriately trimmed version. This app works great in both portait and landscape modes, which is convenient if you really want to sit down and get to some hard core trimming for more than about 30 seconds. Otherwise, this app is fairly simple and doesn’t pack a whole lot of features, but it’s a leap and a bound closer to really intense video editing on the Android platform.

On the performance side of things, this application is surprisingly fast. I’ve been trimming and cutting for a few days on my original Motorla Droid for a few days without any hiccups or performance problems at all. If you’re running a high end phone there should be no reason for you to have any perofrmance issues either.

VidTrim is available in the Android market now for free – if you’d like to support the developer you can purchase the ad-free version. Enjoy!

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